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    We’re specialized in electronic device integration and customized design for enterprises. With our experience in the business, Cheng Hong provides the most up-to-date technical supports and professional solutions. We work to go beyond your expectation, and we only give the best of us to valued customers.

    Our Team

    Integrity and Diligence

    Automation and semi-auto assembly machine customized for your needs, including production line planning, capacity elevation, production planning and development. We help you overcome limitations on utilizing your space and visual system. Auto Parts Filtering and Vibrating Feeder are widely used in different businesses, we received positive feedbacks from our valued clients: San Shing Fastech Corp, SDI Corporation, Grand Gas Equipment Incorporation, MB Sturgis, and more. Cheng Hong always gives its best to you.

    Our Vision

    Bring Automation Into Your World

    Facing the fast-changing international market, being innovative and groundbreaking is essential. Today, as cloud system and big data integration has become the trend of internet era, we help you upgrade production capacity and lower manpower costs. We bring you a great improvement by enhancing industrial performance with usage of internet. Work smarter, work better.

  • Integrity

    We take our promises seriously and always give our best to meet your expectation.


    Your satisfaction is our first priority. We push ourselves to complete every case with quality.


    Updating and upgrading is what we do. New technical supports are consistently developed in Cheng Hong.

  • Poka yoke error proof system

    At the production site and storage equipment of assembled parts.Parts are generally based on the instruction sheet to select parts for inventory.But with the increase in the number of parts,the risk of errors due to similar shapes or similar parts is also increasing.Become an important issue to be solved in the production site.

    Import Poka yoke error proof system

    It can be divided into input, take out two parts.As long as the scan order does not need to check the part name. Don't need to look east.There is light to indicate the location of the part Personnel can directly respond to request parts. Not only reduces the risk of component assembly errorsbut increase production, shorten working hours , and shorten the education time of new on-site personnel. It is also more flexible for the on-site personnel to transfer the division of labor Various information can be uploaded to MES (production management) Proactively collect and monitor production data generated during the manufacturing process.

    To ensure the quality of production.

  • Customized Auto-Assembling Machine

    We've got a top notch team!

    Porous Studs

    Auto-Assembling Machine

    (with server)

    Vehicle Lightbulb Auto-Assembling Machine

    Auto-Welding Assembling Machine

    Vehicle Electronic Window Pulley Riveting

    Assembling Machine

    Solar Power Wire Terminal Assembly Inspector

    High Pressure Valve Assembling Machine

    Hydraulic Riveting



    Auto-Drill Press Assembly Machine

  • Assembling Machine Utilization

    Utilization Range

     Cable TV Parts                                 Vehicle Accessories 

     Office Hardware                                Medical Supplies 

     Footwear                                           Household Items

     Hardware in all businesses



    Tolerance < 0.5mm

    Quality Inspection 、Economizing Manpower

    Fast-Accurate Inspection and Material Delivery

  • Customized Auto-Finishing Process Machine

    We've got a top notch team!

    Auto-Groove Finishing Processor

    Auto-Drill Press Machine
    Auto-Drill Remove Machine



    Metal Round Bar

    Latch Machine


    Four-axis machining system


    Four-axis machining system


    Brick production system

    Six-axis simultaneous processing machine

    Integrated system

    CNC&PLC& Man-machine interface

    Six-axis simultaneous processing machine

  • Finishing Process Utilization

    Utilization Range

    Cable TV Parts                       Vehicle Parts

    Electronic Parts                      Auto-Screw Driver

    Auto-Drill Press                      Machine Auto-Welding Machine


    Separate Process(Tolerance less than 0.5mm)

    Quality Inspection Economizing Manpower

    Fast-Accurate Inspection and Material Delivery

  • Customized Material Feeder Filter

    We've got a top notch team!

    Multi-track Feeder

    Auto-filter with Spring Bands

  • Spec of Feeders


    Zero Errors for Directions
    Feeder Direction and Quantity Design

    Multi-Track Direction Feeding

    Accurate Fast Filtering and Feeding

    Feeder Locating Sync with Robotic Clips
    (Tolerance Smaller than 0.5mm)

    Auto-Inspection on Voltage and Electric Current
    Less Labor Cost
    Quality Inspection

    Electromagnetic Full Wave Vibrating Feeder

    Input Voltage 110 / 220 / 380

    ​Input Cycle of Wave (HZ)50 / 60​

    Vibration (count/min) 7000-8000 (Full Wave)

    Moving Direction R (Clockwise) ; L (Anti-Clockwise)

    Visual Diameter(mm) (R) 200 、250 、350 ; (L) 500 、700 、900

    ​Object Weight (KG) (R) 8 、 24 、 40 ; (L) 83 、127 、220

    Loading Weight (KG) (R) 3 、 6 、 12 ; (L) 20 、 30 、 40

    Electromagnetic Half Wave Vibrating Feeder

    Input Voltage 110 / 220 / 380 / 420 / 480

    ​Input Cycle of Wave (HZ) 50 / 60​

    Vibration (count/min) 3000 - 3600

    Moving Direction R (Clockwise) ; L (Anti-Clockwise)

    Visual Diameter (mm)(R) 250 、350、450、600 ;(L) 900、1200、1500

    ​Object Weight (KG)(R) 25 、40 、 70 、90 ; (L) 120 、170 、280

    Loading Weight (KG)(R) 12 、 25、 40 、60 ; (L) 90 、150 、180 ​

    Electromagnetic Direct Vibrating Feeder

    Type JL-1 、JL-2 、JL-3 / JL-20 、JL-30 、JB-40

    ​Input Voltage 110 、 220、 380 / 110 、220、380、420

    ​Input Cycle of Wave (HZ)50 、60 / ​50 、60

    Vibration (count/min) 7200 (Full Wave) / 3600

    Tolerance Length (mm) ​200、300、400 / 300*100、450*150、600*350

    Tolerance Weight (KG) 1 、 2 、3 / 10 、 20 、 30

  • success case

    • Assist in overcoming the limitations of space applications and visual system work environments
    • Automatic parts screening component equipment (self-developed equipment)
    • Vibrating directional feeder equipment (self-developed equipment)

    End User

    Actual performance introduction

    • SDI Corporation
    • GSK Group
    • Mobiletron Electronics Co., Ltd. 
    • San Shing Fastech Corp
    • HIWIN Technologies Corp
    • Multiple Corporation
    • Grand Gas Equipment Incorporatin
    • Yung Shen Gas Appliances Co.Ltd
    • Hou Ta Electric Cords & Plugs Co., Ltd
    • CORNING International Taiwan
    • Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
    • Provide automated and semi-automated processing machines / assembly machines for customer needs
    • Production line planning, capacity improvement, process design and development

    End User

    Actual performance introduction

    • SDI Corporation-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Edscha Holding GmbH-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Shin Pao Electronics Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Hou Ta Electric Cords & Plugs Co., Ltd----- Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Grand Gas Equipment Incorporatin----- Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Yung Shen Gas Appliances Co.Ltd-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • ILLIDA Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Multiple Corporation-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Da Yin Wei Tong Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • JK LOCK Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • MB Sturgis Inc-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • JANNYEI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • William Tools Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • Yan Lin industral Co., Ltd.-----Auto-Assembling Machine
    • CHANG YUNG Metal Work Co., Ltd.-----Semi-Automatic processing Machine
    • K&W Tools Co.,Ltd.----System Integration
    • THA HO SHUN BRICK Co., Ltd.----System Integration
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